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Laser Hair Removal by Improving Radiance

IPL Laser machine near a massage treatment table.
Laser Hair Removal

With the use of a full spectrum of strong wavelengths, Intense Pulse Light Laser Hair Removal helps eliminate unwanted hair by being the only method of permanent hair reduction. Laser Hair Removal is a 70% reduction to thinner and finner hair.  It is recommended to do a minimum of 5 - 8 treatments to see minimal results. A client should shave 3 days prior to appointment. 


Cannot do laser around the eyes, or on white hairs. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing.


$225    Abdomen
$245    Arms - Full to Fingers
$145    Arms Upper or Lower
$125    Arm Pits
$355    Back - Full
$265    Chest
$90      Naval
$445    Legs - Full to Toes
$225    Back Upper or Lower
$145    Beard - Lower
$145    Bikini Line
$185    Bikini/Brazilian
$255    Legs Upper or Lower

$125    Neck Front or Back
$105    Chin
$155    Chin & Upper Lip
$65      Ears
$205   Face - Full
$70     Uni-Brow
$90     Lip Upper or Lower
$155    Shoulders
$90     Side Burns
* These prices are per session. Prices subject to change without notice.
Improving radiance medical cosmetic procedures includes radiesse, juvederm, botox
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