Relaxing Massages

30 Minute De-Stress Massage

Package of (3) Visits $120

Package of (6) Visits $210


60 Minute Full Body Massage

Package of (3) Visits $210

Package of (6) Visits $390


90 Minute Extended Full Body Massage

Package of (3) Visits $300

Package of (6) Visits $570


120 Ultimate Full Body Massage


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Involves light, fast movements along the muscle surface. Improves circulation, mobility and flexibility while also reducing stress.

Deep Tissue

Uses slower, harder strokes to release very tight, postural problems or recovery from injuries. Focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots. Additional $12 to Massage

Prenatal Massage

Tailored specifically to the needs of a pregnant women and their changing bodies. Reduces anxiety, and decreases symptoms of depression. Also improves labor outcomes & newborn health. Additional $12 to Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Uses heated stones placed on the body to warm the body and loosen tight muscles. Helps with muscle tension, back pain, stress relief and insomnia. Additional $12 to Massage


Therapists use oils scented with concentrations of plant essences such as lavender to further promote relaxation. Additional $6 to Massage

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